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LeCira Framing
Trade or Commercial framing
This is the reference to we give to clients who require frames for there own end use, but in reasonable quantities, such as restaurants, hotels and bars for finished frames pictures & mirrors, or training agencies, local authorities, schools and colleges for certificate frames as an example.
Trade customers are those that require a constant supply of frames for resale such as photographer or artists who want to frame their own work.
We regret that at present we can not offer any quotations for public or bespoke customers using this trade enquiry form, but would be happy to assist should they wish to visit our trade counter.
Which services I require
This option determines how you wish to see your finished frames.
The Quantity of frames required.
This will help us determine wish materials and services options that will best suit your needs, drawing on 20 years experience helps us to help you find the right product to suit your needs

The design of the frames
This is a very import part of the costing procedure, without a precise design reference we can only determine which design best suit your description, the estimate will be calculated from the cheapest design that’s fulfils your requirements, this may not be the best design to suit your needs. Please take time to peruse our moulding designs and choose a style that suits your needs…
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The Size of the frame
This is the second most important part of the quotation process. Frames can be measure in a few different ways, but by default we require the size quoted to be that of the glass that fits ( or would fit ) into the rebate of the frame. This is how frames are measured. If you are in doubt how to measure a frame. click here for more information.
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Type of glass
This options allows us to cost the best Glass type option for your requirements
Dry Mounting
Dry mounting is the name given when art work is stuck down to a more rigid surface such as card or board. The overall effect is a much more professional look and feel to the finished product as the artwork is unable to wrinkle un the glass, which is often the case for cheaper paper types.
Mounts and Mats
Mounts and Mats are sheets of coloured card that has a cut out chamfered window to enhance the look of your artwork. This is a definite advantage (should budgets allow) as the artwork is seen in preference to the frame in which it is displayed.
Fitting services
Simply put this is the extent to which you require your frames to be finished of, from one extreme of laying your untreated certificate into the back of the frame before packaging, too conservation framing you artwork to the highest museum standards.
Despatch and packaging
The obvious reason for needing this piece of information to allows whether we need to budget for packing material and carriage costs.
Frames need to be ready by

Simply informs us as to the urgency of you needs and alert us if we need to reschedule our current production schedule.

I want to place my order.
This option allows us the luxury of a little time to prepare your quotation, although we do endeavour to return all quotations and estimates back within 24hrs.